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About Clements & Eubanks, PC

Protecting Families For Multiple Generation

Clements Law Firm was founded by Jay Clements and Terri Braswell Gilbert in 2001, two attorneys with a long tenured relationship and shared passion for protecting families throughout the Chattanooga area. Their dedication to estate planning and probate while delivering a high level of legal service established a legacy and culture that is still around today. This dedication laid the foundation that has turned into Clements & Eubanks.

Jay and Terri are excited to see their thriving firm continue forward with a bright future. Their goal over the next decade is to continue working with clients, but also impart their 60+ combined years of legal experience to the new partners in the firm.

The addition of Drew Clements and Bryson Eubanks in 2024 has fueled the firm's evolution. Drew and Bryson met in law school and developed a bond and trust with one another that is so rare in the legal world. They saw an opportunity to offer a higher level of service together as Elder Law attorneys, and to be able to offer their high level of service to all of Tennessee. They have joined forces with Jay and Terri, not only to carry on the legacy of Clements Law Firm, but to expand the mission to protect families all throughout Tennessee. Clements & Eubanks now offers an expanded suite of services designed to protect families, assets, and legacies across a much wider portion of Tennessee. Clements and Eubanks continues to uphold the legacy of the original founders while broadening its reach and impact to provide complete legal solutions for families throughout the state - from cradle to grave!

One thing that separates Clements & Eubanks from all other Elder Law firms, is that each of the attorneys at Clements and Eubanks have gone through what you're going through right now, both personally and professionally. Our motivation to serve you comes from our own experiences. You can expect Clements & Eubanks to treat you as family.

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